bgmi-banned-in-india unban or not

BGMI was permanent remove from the play store and also from the app store in India. BGMI ban ain India or not? Yes, Battleground Mobile India was removed from the google play store today. As we all know pubg was banned due to updates in the user privacy policy & ban with section 69-A.

And Now again the Indian government banned the BGMI and 50 other games from the Indian server. And remove these applications from the app store and play store. Now no one will say the WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. It is a piece of very disappointing news for all BGMI users and Indian gamers. BGMI is cover all of the gaming industry and e-sports. But now unfortunately we can not play it anymore. No one can download it from the store.

If you already have BGMI on your smartphone or pc then you can play it for the next few hours.

Recently some negative news comes related to BGMI. Like some children used their parent’s credit cards or debit cards without permission and purchase the royal pass for BGMI. And after once we paid it is too difficult to refund the amount. Recently a teen from Mumbai spends Rs. 10 lakh on PUBG from their parent’s account, and runs away from home.

So, now the BGMI is removed by the Ministry of Information Technology Act, 2000.  Still, the government does not give any official statement to remove the BGMI. But it was removed from google with an official statement.

Does BGMI Unban Again?

As we discussed above the Indian government issued a ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI) game. And google said the developers removed the BGMI from the play store after the Orders of the Indian Government. But it may be returned to the app stores again. Here I can’t say anything about the Unban because the ban was issued by the Indian government. The Indian government banned around 270 apps till now.

Will BGMI come back to India?

Suddenly, it is unknown if BGMI comeback after in India the ban. Because the Indian Government issued the ban under section 69 A of the Indian IT law.

Can I play BGMI if it is banned?

It is grateful to you that you can still play the BattleGround Mobile India Game after it is banned. But here you have a condition that you can only play it if you have downloaded it before.

Why the BGMI banned?

The Indian government banned the BGMI due to national security reasons and has other reasons for blocking it. As the game was developed by Tencent, a Chinese company. Due to data sharing, the government has issued a ban.

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3 Big Reasons why BGMI was banned?

Recently a 16 years old child killed his mother just because she was not allowed to play BGMI.

And the next reason is making purchases without the parent’s permission from the parent’s bank account.

Another important factor is that the NGO like PRAHAR has been releasing the issue to the government that the BGMI is just a copied version of the original game PUBG.

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