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Yeah, we are back again with our favorite topic “Computer all keyboard shortcut keys A to Z”. Well if you are using a computer or laptop then you know what is the Windows key( window logo key ) in the keyboard. What is the use of this windows key? I know what you would think about this is that it is used in just opening the start menu. It is this correct it means you do not have a good knowledge of computers. But this is a master key used with all other keys to do work faster. You can make the combination of this key with other numeric and alphabetic keys. If you are using a computer, you should have to know about these following shortcuts. First we have to know about what is shortcut key? codice attivazione avg 2021

What are shortcut keys?

Shortcut key is a predefined key combination in an operation system that invokes a operation in OS when it pressed by user. we can do longer tasks more easily with the help of shortcut keys. Shortcut key is a basic combination of two or more keys. we do not have to touch our mouse anymore for work if we are using shortcut keys. It make our works more faster and reliable.

What is the Window key?

It is a function key on IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) Compatible keyboards. With this functional key, we can do many long process tasks easily. It is also known as Winkey. You can simply recognize this key with its design because it has the Microsoft Windows Company logo on the key. Let’s jump to our next step Computer all keyboard shortcut keys from A to Z. ultraiso crack

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Computer all Windows shortcut keys:

Windows+I = Open setting App.

Windows+E = Open File Explorer.

Windows+A = Open Action Center.

Windows+D = Display and Hide Desktop.

Windows+L = Lock Device.

Windows+V = Open Clipboard History.

Windows+ESC = Open Start Menu.

Windows+M = Minimize all Windows.

Windows+ALT + D = Open Date and Time in the Taskbar.

Windows+TAB = Open Task View.

Windows+CTRL+D = Create New Virtual Desktop.

Windows+CTRL + F4 = Close Active Desktop

Windows+CTRL+Right Arrow key = Switch to Virtual Desktop on the Right.

Windows+CTRL+Left Arrow key = Switch to Virtual Desktop on the Left.

Windows+P = Open Project Settings.

Windows+B = Set focus Notification Area in the Taskbar.

Windows+C = Launch Cortana App.

Windows+F = Launch Feedback Hub App.

Windows+G = Launch Game Bar App.

Windows+R = Open Run Command.

Windows+K = Open Connect Settings.

Windows+H = Open Dictation Features.

Windows+Shift + Down Arrow key = Minimize or Maxime Active Desktop windows vertically while maintaining width.

Windows+Shift + Left Arrow key = Move Active Window to Monitor on the left.

Windows+Shift+Right Arrow key = Move Active Window to Monitor on the Right.

Window+prtscn = Capture Full Screenshot.

Window+ , or ; = Open Emoji Panel.


Window+Shift + S = Open Snip Tool.

Window+Numbers(0-9) = Open App In Number Position from the taskbar.

Window+ALT+ Number(0-9) = Open Jump List of App in Number Position From the taskbar.

Window+Shift+ M = Restore Minimized Windows on the Desktop.

Window+Left Arrow = Snap App or Window Left.

Window+Right Arrow = Snap App or Window Right.

What is IBM?

Here IBM stands for International Business Machines Corporation. It is an American Multinational Technology Company. It provides a large amount of Hardware, Software to the world. According to the report of 2014, it has around 400,000 Employees our the world and 12 laboratories. Nowhere IBM( International Business Machines Corporation ) is one of the Largest Computer Technology company.

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