Amazing keyboard shortcut keys

If you are work on computers, then today’s article will increase your productivity by 10 times & save your time. i am going to
tell you about 10 different amazing keyboard shortcut keys out of which the 6th, 8th & 9th are important. Read full article as all 10 shortcut keys are important. But 3-4 ones are absolutely great.

So Let’s talk about the 1st one

Windows + E

It is simple and you must be knowing it already. we do not use the windows key much. But the key(windows key) is very important. So pressing windows key + E will open your ‘My computer’. And you can access a file/drives. You just need to press windows key+E.

Windows + D

It happens a lot when you are working, suddenly someone arrives & you do not want to show your work. With this shortcut, you can minimize all your multiple windows & only show your desktop.

Windows + Up Arrow

It is an extension that will maximize your current window. If you are using any software in small screen then it will helps you to maximize your window.

Windows + Down Arrow

It will minimize your current window if you are in full screen window. It is simple and you do not need a mouse.

Only use windows + Up/Down or D and all windows will be minimized.

I bet many of you did not know this. I talked about the Up/Down arrow key. But what if you press the left or right arrow keys with Windows?

Windows + left/Right Arrow

It split your window if you want to multitask and use two windows on your desktop. And you will get two windows on the same one desktop. It saves a lot of times as they get resized and aligned automatically and hence increase productivity. And you do not need to do anything because saving time is very important for a computer user.

CTRL + Shift + N

If you want to create folders. you might be knowing it already, but it creates new folders quickly. Just press this shortcut key and boom new folder is created.

Alt + Tab

You all know about Alt + tab for switching between windows instances. It is used to make your work faster and decrease the use of mouse. You keep pressing Tab, If they are multiple.

Windows + Tab

If there are 6-8 instances working & you want to look at them all at once. You will get proper rectangular icons and all your work
will be seen on  the single screen. I use it lot as i do different work at the same time & it helps me every time! So do try it out.

Windows + Shift + S

It is my  most favorite! Generally, we use a snipping tool for rectangular/freedom screenshots. But for quick advanced screenshots,
press  windows + Shift + S as you get control over its shape(rectangular/freedom), by this shortcut key you can take any type of screenshot
more quickly. So try this window + shift + S because window + shift + S = Better Screenshot!

Windows + V

It is very useful clipboard shortcut key when you use CTRL + C for copy. You can get a clipboard history by using this shortcut key, mean by that you can access and paste your 4-5  Hour old text as well. You can use the clipboard to choose your text and paste it and the 2nd thing it is useful for the ones who copy-paste a lot. By pressing this shortcut you can see all copy history you just choose the text which ever you want and simply paste it.

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Windows + “.” or “;”

It is fun if you message/chat a lot. Pressing it will open an emoji panel. And you can choose whichever emoji you want and you are done! You would not have to find a smiley to choose an emoji. Just press the Windows + period key(.) and you can enjoy the emoji panel by sending in messages.

Windows + L

Press it if you are working and immediately you want to lock your PC. You can even switch to other accounts on your PC with a simple window + L key.

I hope all shortcut keys are interesting and helpful for you so do comment to let us know how many of these shortcut keys you already knew?

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