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Before you know why Google meet is shutting down permanently, let us do a bit of a backstory, starting in 2016 with your favorite app – Whatsapp.

Sharing those Google Meet links with your friends has become quite a trend. But that might be ending soon! Learn more about Google’s latest experiment by reading this post. The google ecosystem has become quite huge, with dozens of apps and services which sometimes offer similar services. In October 2020, Google also announced that it would shift its Google Hangouts users to Google Chat, which will do this year.

Google and Facebook got into a bidding war to buy the growing instant messaging app Whatsapp, which Facebook eventually won with a $22 billion price tag. Therefore to counter it, Google came up with an alternative.

So in 2016, Google announced its two new apps Google Allo (Instant Messaging) and Google Duo (Video Calling). Google Allo couldn’t survive the competition and eventually failed. But since WhatsApp didn’t have a video calling feature, Duo became quite popular.

Google meet originally came out in 2017 as Google Hangouts Meet – a group business video call application. Everything was going well for the two apps, but something big happened in 2020, and you know exactly what!

As everybody got shut in their homes during the Covid lockdowns, Zoom exploded in popularity among businesses, schools, and colleges, Google Meet eventually became a big project for google to compete against Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Google improved Meet’s user interface, making it much smoother and more convenient for the general public. But Google soon found itself providing the same service through two different apps – Meet and Duo, making them compete against one another.

Is Google Meet shutting Down

Not Exactly, Google would update Google Duo into the new google Meet app by combining the best of both apps. The original Google Meet app would be shutting down services by September 2022.

google meet vs google duo which one is best

But Why Google Meet and not Google Duo

let’s know Google meet is shutting down permanently & why not google duo? Google Duo has over 5 Billion device downloads, compared to Google Meet’s 100 Million. Hence transitioning the Google Meet users to a different app would be much silkier.

What Google is?

Google was founded by larry page and Sergey Brin in 1998. As I discussed in my previous article about the search engine. As we all know google is a mostly and widely used search engine. Whenever we have any query or any doubt we ask to google. we have too many search engines in the world but the most used search engines are google, bing, etc.

According to me, google provides better results compared to other search engines. It is much faster than others. And also it provides a better AI (Artificial intelligence) friend for us which is google assistant. You can simply say hey google and control your phone with your voice without touching it.

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