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Whatsapp rolling out two new updates in this month that is similar to a feature of GBWhatsapp. It simply mean now you don’t need GBWhatsapp anymore. Till now if you only have to set privacy on profile photo or whatsapp status on WhatsApp. But after these New features update of whatsapp you can Hide your online status & last seen.

Whatsapp has announsing this feature on twitter, with this you can protect your privacy with new privacy settings. After this update you can select who can see your last seen, your online status, your profile photo and also your whatsapp status privacy as earlier.

Before this update, the users did not have the option to hide last seen and profile photo from specific people on whatsapp. But after this, you can hide your profile photo from a specific person as similar like whatsapp status. After this privacy update whatsapp users also have except option for profile photo and last seen.

How to hide last seen & online status

Follow these simple steps….

Whatsapp Important New features Update
  • In Your Whatspp Application, Click on Three Dots then select setting option.
  • Now click on Account section, here you can see the Privacy option.
  • Open the Privacy option.
  • Here you can see Last Seen and Online option.

By selecting this option you can change your last seen privacy with one click. You can Only select your online status as your last seen. In the online status section you have two options Everyone and the second is same as last seen. By selecting the second option your online status will setup according to your last seen option settings.

You can also change your profile photo privacy if it is necessary. For Example, If you do not want to show your whatsapp profile picture to me then you can simply select my contact as a except profile picture.

How to hide profile picture from a specific contact in whatsapp

Earlier, whatsapp do not have a privacy setting to hide your whatsapp profile picture from one or more specific contact. But Now you can make your profile picture private. For making your profile picture private follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings>Privacy>Profile Photo, and then select which privacy setting you want for your profile picture.
  • For example, if you want to hide your profile picture from me. Then select the My Contacts Except Option.
  • Now select the contact which you do not want to show your whatsapp profile picture.

If you are select the everyone option for all then your profile, last seen, about will display to all users of whatsapp. If you select the my contact option then it will only show to your contacts. Same like, if you select the except my contact option then these things will show to all your contacts except you select in this option. The fourt option is if you select the nobody then your profile, about, last seen will fully private nobody can see this.

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