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Computer “VIRUS”, I hope you all heard about this term and know about the virus. So let’s improve your knowledge about malware and malicious codes. Today we will discuss What is VIRUS? and How to make a virus file? etc. Also, I will let you know about the history of the virus and how many types of viruses. So let’s jump to our first mostly asked question what is the full form of virus?

Full Form Of computer VIRUS

Vital Information Resources Under Siege.

What is the virus?

The virus is a computer program that attaches itself to legitimate programs and files without the user’s consent. In other words, A computer virus is a program or a set of programs that disrupts the normal functioning of a computer system. The virus file is saved with the .bat extension. If you do not have the least knowledge of cyber security and virus do not try to make a virus. voicemod license key

It enters into a computer without the permission or knowledge of the user. Virus programs are self-replicating programs that continuously expand their reach by infecting more and more computer files, resulting in loss of speed and destruction of data.

Activities that the attacker can perform using a virus

  1. Access private data such as user IDs and passwords.
  2. Display annoying messages to the user.
  3. Corrupt data in your computer.
  4. Log the user’s Keystrokes. descargar solidworks 2019

History of Computer Virus

Martinus Beijerinck is known as the father of virology. The first computer virus was born the same year when Intel released its first commercially available microprocessor. The name virus was founded in the year 1971 the first computer virus that name was the Creeper system. This Creeper System virus was created by a US company BBN Technologies.

Viruses were getting more popular when apple made their first Personal computer. The viruses in the 80s were served through floppy drives. A complex code file was inserted on hard drives by hackers and when a computer user was attached to that drive to computers and it works.

The second virus file was created for MS-DOS operating system named BRAIN. Basit and Amjad Farooq Alvi made the second virus brain in 1986. Basically, the virus file will save with the .bat file extension.

Types of Computer Viruses

Types of computer viruses are written below:

Boot Sector Virus

The Boot Sector Virus corrupts the OS(Operating System). These viruses inject the boot record or master boot records. The virus injects its code into a hard disk’s partition table, then moves into the main memory when a computer restarts.

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Resident Virus

A Virus that saves itself in the memory of a computer and then infects other files and programs when its originating program is no longer working. It hides and stores itself within the computer memory. Whenever a computer runs any file it will damage that running file, Even this type of virus attaches itself to the anti-virus applications. When the corrupted anti-virus scan the computer files the virus will damage the files scanned by the program, depending on the virus programming.

File Infector Virus

As the name suggests, it first infects a single file and then later spreads itself to other executable files and programs. The main source of this File Infector is games and word processors.

Macro Virus

This can be found in spreadsheet files. Mainly the source of such viruses is emailing.

Multipartite virus

A malicious code or set of programs can attack both, the boot sector and the executable files of an already infected computer. Basically, it damages the operating system and the files.

Overwrite Virus

Overwrite viruses are externally dangerous. They can delete data and replace it with their own file content or code. Once the files get infected, they can not be replaced, and the malicious code can affect Windows, DOS, etc.

Polymorphic Virus

Poy means Many and morphic means Forms. So these viruses change their form every time. It spread through infected websites, the polymorphic is a file infector that is tough to detect.

SpaceFiller Virus

It is a rare type of malicious program that fills in the empty spaces of a file with viruses. SpaceFiller is known as Cavity Virus. It will neither affect the size of the file nor can be detected easily.

How to Make a ILOVEYOU Virus?

For making the ILOVEYOU virus you have to follow these steps:

Open your notepad on your computer or laptop and paste the following code into your notepad.

set /p love=
if %love%==yes goto love
if %love%==yes goto hate
echo i love you too….
echo meet you soon :)
echo But I LLove You….hehehehehe
echo Your are hacker….
echo Your pc will crash in 10 seconds
timeout 10
shutdown -s -t 100

After you paste the code into the notepad you have to save it on your PC. Just click on the save as button.
Give a name to the file whatever you want but remember that the extension must be .bat for this file.
After successfully file created, Now is the time to prank your friends. Share this file with your friends and make fun.
Don’t worry this virus will not harm your computer you can simply Restart your PC to get back to normal functionality.

How to secure my computer from virus

A computer virus can send your sensitive data to the attackers or hackers, damage your PC files and OS, and cause downtime until the system is repaired. Follow the following tips to secure your PC from viruses:

  • Don’t use or install third-party software from unknown websites.
  • Use a trusted Anti-Virus software if you do not have windows 10. If you have windows 10 or windows 11, maybe you don’t need an anti-virus because you have an in-built Anti-virus with windows.
  • Keep updated on your Pc’s Operating system to secure it from viruses and other malware.
  • Don’t open executable e-mail attachments.

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