How To Make My Laptop & PC 10X Faster? - Make Slow PC Fast

Today we will talk about tips and tricks of laptop/PC and we’ll see how to Make a Slow PC Fast. If you follow these tricks, your Slow PC or laptop will speed up by 30%, thus increasing your productivity.

When you start a Windows Laptop/PC you get a feature called power mode. we forgot to do an important thing on our PC.

Power Mode

There are three or more power modes in the laptop. Those are Efficiency, Balance, Performance, etc. It generally sets on efficiency mode. Keep it on Performance Mode, especially when you have plugged your charger otherwise, you can keep it on Balanced Mode. Else, keep the mode on Performance Mode to get the peak performance. Most of the time you have to wait for apps to open because your system is on Balanced Mode/Performance Mode where the battery is extended. So keep it on Performance mode and you will see the difference.

Startup Program

If your system is becoming slow while booting up, then check the startup programs. When installing new software, it often goes into the startup program and keeps running in the background. And it creates a difference in the startup as well as performance. So check your startup program and only keep the ones you want.


Nowadays people have 1 TB hard disks, & your old files keep stacking which creates a difference in performance. And just like the Startup program, check your files as well.

Storage Sense

It is a feature that gives you a dashboard, showing you the old files and their details. And according to your preference, you can delete some files and get more storage space.

Defrag Your Storage

Defrag your storage between 3 to 6 months, even after deleting/saving the files on the hard drive. The files are still present even if you might not see them, so defragmentation is very important. So that all files are in one place, While reading/writing/accessing them. And your PC will get faster. Generally, on smartphones, we know about updates instantly but in windows, it is not that simple, we install the software after getting 2-3 updates. And we are usually stuck on the older software version. Please do not do that, do the update to the latest version As Soon As Possible, It is really important. If you check now, you might see 20-30 programs with pending updates.

Window Defender

Nowadays, you do not need to use Antivirus/ Anti-malware / third-party apps. It comes built-in if you have a Windows Laptop and do not install other third-party Antivirus apps. As they (Antivirus apps) will slow down the performance of your Windows laptop or PC. Windows Defender is more than enough for antivirus.

Resource Monitor

we all use Google Chrome and other software a lot & it is hungry for power resources. You might have opened only one tab in chrome but if you check the resource monitor, you will see that google chrome eats a lot of resources from your system’s CPU and RAM. So keep control on it or it is better to switch to another browser.

Many times there are hardware limitations as well, if you go to resource monitor and if your RAM utilization is 70-90%. Then it’s time to upgrade your RAM. If it is 4GB then upgrade to 8/12GB, if it is already 8GB RAM upgrade to 12GB ram or more. For a normal user, I’d say at least 8GB RAM should be there as 4GB is not enough nowadays.

Windows Cistomization

Many users customize their desktop with live wallpapers just like android phones. But it has negative effects on the resource. So keep your setup clean and minimal to get more performance.

If you are not using a program, you can uninstall them, they affect your PC’s performance.

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Restart Your Pc

Many times we do not shut down our laptop or PC while we working & keep using it without restarting it. Keep a cycle for example within a day you had to turn it on/off. Do not keep it on forever. Most times people just close the lid while the system keeps running and it makes a difference in performance. So shut down and the restart is very important.

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