How to secure laptops - Top 10 things to make your pc faster

Many People have started buying laptops especially because of the pandemic situation, they have started realizing the importance of laptops. When you buy a new laptop, Many times you do certain things wrong or forget to do certain things that is why your laptop or your system will slow down day by day. I will tell you about How to secure laptops and the Top 10 things to make your pc faster if your computer or laptop becomes slow.

Here are 10 things to do with your computer or laptop to make it fast.

Update The OS

How to secure laptops? this question is always asked by computer users. When you buy a computer, the FIRST thing to do is update your Windows OS. Many times we turn off the automatic updates and we missed the important updates & this might be risky as well because hackers always target the older version system which has not been updated.

Now you get Windows 11 preinstalled, but if you have Windows 10 then do update to the latest Windows 11 along with regular security updates. This might be the most important Tip that I have talked about at the start. So do check updates & install them.

Remove Bloatware

Just like smartphones, you see a lot of bloatware on your laptop or your computer, For example, 1st party bloatware apps by HP, Dell, etc. If you do not require them, Uninstall them. Many times your laptop takes a lot of time to start up. Many apps run during startup so uninstall those unwanted apps. You will definitely see a speed bump once you uninstall the bloatware apps.

Microsoft Defender

The antivirus software you get is basically trial versions when you buy a laptop, so uninstall those apps as there is no need for paid antivirus software. In Windows 10 and 11, You get built-in Windows Defender, and for most people that is more than enough. Windows Defender is a really good antivirus. It automatically detects malware and takes necessary actions. But if you want more security. You can try free software like Bitdefender for the extra layer of security but most people would not require it.

Find My Device

In laptops too, there is a Find My Device Feature just like smartphones. You need to turn on the Find My Device setting on your laptop. Suppose your laptop is misplaced and stolen, you will be able to locate it with this setting. Find My Device will help you a lot in How to secure laptops. You can even use biometric authentication like a fingerprint for logging in & also set up face unlock, this will save your time while logging in.

Biometric Login

You can even use biometric authentication like a fingerprint for logging in and also set up face unlock, this will save your time while logging in. So you do not have to type your passwords and over a period of time, biometric authentication will save you time a lot.


Now the next thing is installing software and 1st software that I usually download is google chrome. As most of my passwords & extensions are saved in it but Microsoft Edge is one of the fastest browsers. But if you like Firefox & chrome extension, then you should 1st install your preferred browser.

Power Settings

We generally forget power settings, you need to adjust the settings as per your usage Eg. when to turn off the screen if you are away from the laptop. These settings will help you with power savings. So adjust the power settings depending on your usage to preserve the battery of your laptop. Also when required, lower the brightness while using indoors. These will help you over the long run which will make a lot of difference.

Automated Backup

Smartphone backups are easy but on the laptop, it is not that simple. We generally forget to take backups of our laptops. We need to remember that ‘Data Is Gold’. These days data is most important, imagine if your 2-year-old data suddenly gets misplaced or your hard disk gets corrupted. What will happen to your data? So backups are very important. This will help you in How to secure laptops. Platforms like OneDrive, and Google Drive are available so you can enable backup and customize it according to your requirements. You can even set automated backups that backups your data automatically.

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Customize Your System

Customize the laptop depending on your liking. Eg: wallpapers, settings, theme, etc. Customize your system settings like changing the position of the taskbar menu Eg: horizontal/vertical. So you can try different settings based on your requirements.

Third-Party Apps

One of the most important things that you need to remember, avoid third-party apps. You would not get all of your favorite apps on the Windows store buy to try to use most of the software from the official windows store. So you will get an original copy of it and it will be free from malware. Whenever you install 3rd party software, you have to be very very careful. This is not about software, but it is a good habit for a computer user.

Thermal Control

Climate is becoming very hot, especially during summers, so try to keep your laptop cool. Stay cool and keep your laptop cool. Keep your laptop where there is no dust, no moisture, and the temperature is not hot. Many times, the climate is humid and the parts of your laptop may stop working because of humidity. Try to avoid using a laptop on your lap for a longer time. If your laptop gets warm, keep your laptop on a stand. There should be an airflow below the laptop. Do not keep using your laptop on your lap for 4-5 hrs. It is not a good habit even though it is in the name “Laptop”😂.

Many times we just close the lid of the laptop, but the laptop is actually on in sleep mode. You need to shut down your laptop or computer regularly at regular intervals. That is very important. Many people forget to shut down laptops.

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