ip address kya hai

An IP address is essential for sending and receiving information online. However, if a hacker knows your IP address, they can use it to seize very valuable information, including your location and online identity. So, before knowing the additional information we have to know what is IP address. or IP address kya hai.

What is an IP address?

The term IP stands for Internet Protocol Address. Internet Protocol is a unique address for every particular device on the internet. It is used to uniquely identify any device over the internet. All computers that connect to the internet can be able to communicate with each other with the help of IP.

IP address kya hai?

IP शब्द इंटरनेट प्रोटोकॉल एड्रेस के लिए है। इंटरनेट प्रोटोकॉल इंटरनेट पर प्रत्येक विशेष उपकरण के लिए एक अनूठा पता है। इसका उपयोग इंटरनेट पर किसी भी उपकरण को विशिष्ट रूप से पहचानने के लिए किया जाता है। इंटरनेट से जुड़ने वाले सभी कंप्यूटर आईपी की मदद से एक दूसरे के साथ संचार करने में सक्षम हो सकते हैं।

Who found the IP address?

Robert Kahn of BBN and Vint Cerf of DARPA both gave birth to the internet protocol. As we all know IP address plays an important role over the internet. The First version of the internet protocol was released in 1983. After that, we got the IPV4 and the IPV6 IP addresses. easeus lisans kodu 2021

What is TCP and the full Form of TCP?

Here TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. The Transmission Control Protocol is a Communications standard that enables information exchanges between the application programs and computing devices like laptops, smartphones, or computers. The TCP is specially designed for transferring packets over the internet and also checking the successful delivery of data.

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QR code kese Kam karta hai, how QR code works

How can someone find my IP Address?

If you torrent files. when you download content from torrent sites, every member of the swarm can see your IP address. All they need to do is check the list of peers.

By knowing your device information. autotune antares crack

From an email. If you send an email to someone, they can check the header of the message, which could contain your IP address.

What can people do with your IP address?

While your IP address would not give away sensitive information like your phone number or apartment position, hackers can still use your IP against you.

Someone can get your location and intrude on your privacy in real life with your IP address.

Someone can use your IP to hack your device.

The internet uses ports as well as your IP address to connect. There are thousands of ports for every IP address, and a hacker who has your IP can try all of those ports to Brute-Force a connection, taking over your phone for example, and stealing your information.

Someone can impersonate you to get hold of your IP address. Your ISP could reveal your IP address to someone else. Criminals who know your name on social media. They can contact your ISP and try to impersonate you or use a vishing attack to steal your personal details.

Cybercriminals can frame you for illegal activity. Hackers are known to use hacked IP addresses to download illegal content that threatens national security as well as anything else they do not want tracing back to them.

What is ISP?

Internet Service Provider is also known as ISP. It is a type of Technology company. An Internet service provider is a company that provides internet, email, and other related services to customers.The company provides the services to whoever pays the charges to the company.

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