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We are back again with programming today. Today we will increase your chances of performing well in java interviews. This article covers many interview questions asked by an interviewer. First, we have to know about what is Java Technology, Java interview questions, and why we need to use java all that things are covered in the article for you. Let’s dive deep into the Java interview questions of the java technology.

What are the Features Of Java Programming?

Easy: Java is a Language that is considered to be easy to learn.

Secured: Java is a secured programming language. That helps develop a virus-free and tamper-free system for the users.

OOPs: OOPS stands for object-oriented programming language. Java is an object-oriented programming language.

Independent Platform: Java is not compiled into a platform-specific machine. Instead, it is compiled into platform-independent bytecode.

What is a ClassLoader?

A classloader in java is a subsystem of a java virtual machine, dedicated to loading class files. When the program is executed, the classloader is executed.

Java has a bootstrap, Extension, and application class loader.

What is the memory allocation available in java?

class memory

Heap Memory

Stack Memory

Program Counter-Memory

Native Method Stack Memory

What is the difference between heap and stack memory in java?

Stack is generally used to store the order of method execution and local variables.

In contrast, Heap memory is used to store the objects. After storing, they use dynamic memory allocation and deallocation.

Will the program run if we write static public void main?

Yes, the program will successfully execute if written. Because, in java, there is no specific rule for the order of specifiers.

What is the default value stored in Local Variables?

Neither the local variables nor any primitives and object references have any default value stored in them.

What is an Association?

An association can be defined as a relationship that has no ownership over another for Ex, a person can be associated with multiple banks, and a bank can be related to various people, but no one can own the other.

What do you mean by aggregation?

The term aggregation refers to the relationship between two classes best described as a “whole/part” and “has-a” relationship. The kind is the most specified version of an association relationship. It contains refers to another class and is said to have ownership of that class.

What is copy constructor in java?

A copy constructor in java is a constructor that initializes an object through another object of the same class.

What is a Maker Interface?

An empty interface in java is referred to as a Maker Interface. Serializable and clonable are some famous examples of Maker Interface.

What is object cloning?

The ability to recreate an object entirely similar to an existing object is known as object cloning in java. Java provides a clone() method to clone a current object offering the same functionality as the original object.

Why java is not completely Object-Oriented?

Java is not considered a 100% object-oriented programming language because it still makes use of eight or more primitive data types like int, float, double, etc.

Define wrapper classes in java?

In Java, when you declare primitive datatypes, then wrapper classes are responsible for converting them into objects.

What are single tone classes in java?

In java when you make the constructor of a class that is private, then the particular class can generate only one object. This type of class is popularly known as a single tone class.

Define packages in java?

The Package is a collective bundle of classes and interface and the necessary libraries and jar files. The use of packages helps in code reusability.

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What is an Exception?

An Exception in java is considered an unexcepted event that can disrupt the program’s normal flow. These events can be fixed through the process of exception handling.

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