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Hey, Techy Peoples I know what you think about now😄. Maybe you find the Most Expensive Laptop In the world. If yes then you have arrived at your destination. Yes, Today I will show the name of the most expensive laptop in the world. So get started with

Why do we need a Laptop or computer?

As we all know according to today’s generation and workload the laptop & smartphone is a compulsory thing for everyone. Because we all hate the stress and want to do online work fast, We need a laptop to increase our productivity or work speed. Even a smartphone is a computer that plays an important role in our life. For example, If you have basic software knowledge like word, notepad, Excel, etc you can become more productive in your work.

5 Most Expensive Laptops

Here is the list of the 5 Most expensive laptops. Do you know about the most expensive laptops if not then read this article. In this article, I will introduce with most expensive laptops and describe all the important things relates to these laptops. All Following Laptops are Premium and valuable.

Luvaglio Laptop ( लुवाग्लियो लैपटॉप )

This Laptop Comes with a price tag of $1 million. This Laptop is made of wood and metal. One of the reasons that make this laptop expensive is that the keys of this laptop are made with genuine diamonds. Also, the power button is made with the diamond that serves as a Security of the luvagilo laptop. Luvagilo Laptop is the most expensive laptop in the world.

Tulip E-Go Diamond Laptop( ट्यूलिप ई-गो डायमंड लैपटॉप )

Tulip E-Go Diamond Laptop was made by EGO Lifestyle B.V. Company in October 2005. It was a Dutch fashion company. The E-Go Diamond Laptop comes with a price tag of $350000 and it looks like a handbag. E-Go Diamond Laptop has a feature Bass Reflex sound System. It comes with 2GB RAM and 160GB of storage space. The specifications of the Tulip E-Go Diamond Laptop are not so good.

MJ’S Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook( एम जे का डायमंड स्टडेड नोटबुक )

MJ’S Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook Laptop was made by Ukrainian art studio MJ in 2016. You can purchase this laptop for the price of 25 crores. The MJ’S Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook Laptop is expensive because around 100 Black and White diamonds are used on its back to make it look awesome. The MJ’S Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook Laptop comes with the specifications of 2GB or 4GB RAM. And it has a 100 GB hard disk storage space to save your data.

“Golden Age” Macbook Air(“गोल्डन ऐज” मैकबुक एयर)

The “Golden Age” Macbook Air laptop was worth 26 thousand dollars. In Indian currency, it comes to around 23 lakhs. Its RAM is 2GB and the Hard disk is around 80GB of storage space. This laptop was decorated with 24-carat gold and with many crystals. Only 20 pcs of this laptop was made. It holds CeBIT.

Ego For Bentley Laptop( ईगो फॉर बेंटले लैपटॉप )

The laptop came with a price tag of 20 thousand dollars. In Indian currency, it’s around 12 lakhs. White gold is used in this laptop to make it expensive. There were only two hundred and fifty pieces found of Ego For Bentley Laptop in the whole world. It did not come with a good specification because it has 2GB of RAM and 160 GB of Hard Disk Storage.

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What is the RAM?

Random Access Memory is known as RAM. It is used to save the files or data for a temporary time period. It is also called a Primary Storage or Temporary Memory of a Computer System. Your system speed depends on your RAM size if you have large memory of RAM your computer will run smoother.

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