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Google Photos is the official gallery app for Android. With the help of this, you can view and back up photos. Protect Your Files With Google Photos Safe Folder. Now security options have been increased in it.

Google recently updated its Photos app. Many features have been improved after this update. How to use Lock Folder and how to hide photos. Through Locked Folder, you can keep your photos and videos safe from others, they will not be able to see your photos and videos even after accessing Google Photos. In this way, privacy is maintained regarding photos and videos.

How to hide photos in google photos

First of all, open the Google Photos app on your smartphone.

After this tap on the Library option which appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.

After that select the option of Utilities.

Now after this you will get the option of getting Started, select it.

Now select the option to Setup Locked Folder and follow the whole process.

After reading the complete guideline, apply the screen lock. Then tap on the button of Moved Items.

After doing this, send those photos and videos in the locked folder which you do not want to be shown to anyone.

In this way, you will be able to send photos and videos from the gallery directly to the locked folder of Google Photos. If you delete Google Photos, your photos and videos will also be deleted.

Some Important Points

Google Photos Safe Folder feature is not available for lower version Android like Android 5. It is only available for Android 6 and other new versions. If you have the latest Android version you can Protect Your Files With Safe Folder.

If someone knows your device screen lock can access your safe folders by your screen lock passcode.

All items in a safe folder can not move or transfer during cloud or OTG data transfer.

All items in your safe folder will be removed if you remove data or uninstall the Google Photos app. To prevent this remove all items from the safe folder & make changes to whatever you want.

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