Stop using dark web otherwise you will hacked

Attention If you are using the dark web. Stop using the dark web in the following situations otherwise, you will lose your all data. I will be aware of 6 things to keep in mind while surfing the dark web. The dark web is like an onion. The security system of the dark web works like an onion. Your identity is hidden behind many layers like onion.

Don’t Use Your Mobile Phone For 2-Step Verification On Tor

Most websites provide a 2-step verification using a mobile number in which an OTP

If you provide your mobile number to a website. it will only hamper your anonymity status online as it will be easier to track you down with your number.

Do Not operate user accounts outside Tor

If you use the TOR browser for checking your Facebook, Twitter, or email accounts, do not ever use those accounts outside the TOR browser. as it will expose your online identity to the website.

Using your account on the open internet. even once will be enough to get your IP address logged and eventually reveal your identity.

Do not post your Personal Information

You must engrave this point in your heart. Do not post any sort of information like name, address, or credit card number while using TOR.

It will uncover your identity and there will be no point in using the TOR. When you upload your personal information using the TOR browser. The hacker will steal the information that Hopes you understand.

Don’t Send Unencrypted data over TOR

TOR encrypts your connections not your data and TOR’s exit nodes are vulnerable.

So, it is highly advisable not to send unencrypted data over the TOR network. As someone might access your information while the data is on the last node.

Don’t Forget To Delete cookies and local Website Data

It is strongly recommended that you delete cookie files and local website data after every browsing session. Your platform on TOR as these things may allow the website to gather information about you and track your location and IP address.
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Do Not Use TOR For Google Search

If you really want to be anonymous while using TOR. Do not use google to search your queries.

Though it sounds weird, this is because google collects information like your search requests, and stores cookie files on your browsing habits to power its advertisement services.

What is TOR?

TOR is also known as The Onion Router. It is Free to use and an open source browser for anonymous searching. You can use The most popular Dark Web with the help of the TOR browser. It looks like a normal searching browser like google chrome and Microsoft Edge. TOR is provide you with an anonymous search with an inbuild VPN.

How to download the TOR browser?

You can easily download the real TOR browser with the official website of the tor network. The website is Do not use it for any illegal purpose.

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