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What is Money Heist?

Money heist is a crime drama series. You can learn lots of things about technology after watching this complete series. Some of the technologies are Alarm System Hacking, Hacking A smartphone, etc. Let’s understand what types of Technologies are Used In the Money Heist series

Alarm System Hacking

In S01 E01 we saw that Rio have successfully hacked the alarm system. Now the question is can alarm systems get hacked in real life? And the answer is yes! Alarm owners are often unaware that their home security system can be hacked. Unfortunately even the most complex security locks can be overridden by smart Intruders. Using default passwords makes a security system easy prey for hackers. This is like leaving your door already half open for hackers. This is First Technologies Used In Money Heist.

Hacking A Smartphone

In S01 E03 we have seen computer networking for the police officers have hacked the phone of Alison Porker and have access to her phone camera now they can see what’s going on on her other side. The question is can an organization, agency, or individual can hack phones so easily as shown in the series? And the answer is no, it’s possible to hack a phone and have access to its camera and other things but it is very difficult. The only way a smartphone can get hacked is after installing malicious apps, for example, if an attacker wants to hack your phone they will force you to download an App using their Social engineering methods.

So even if you have downloaded the app! You will not able to install it, because the latest Operating Systems have become much smarter these days the OS will quickly analyze the app & if it detects any malware or spyware it never is installed. Let’s take the next step to spy microphone which is the third Technologies Used In Money Heist.

SPY Microphone

In S01 E04 Helsinki (The fat gut with beard) places a microphone into the inspector’s glasses. From now the professor can hear every conversation Rubio is participating in, Giving him very valuable information. The question is can a small microphone transmit all the audio to its owner or to the person who is operating it? And the answer is YES, but not exactly as shown in this series. Spy microphones run on Bluetooth they only work in very short range. The size of such spy microphones is much bigger in real life.

Importance Of A VPN

In S02 E03 Rio used VPN for the heist with EL Professor. RIO knew the importance of using a VPN service. The IP address, which is your online passport number, is exposed if you are not using a VPN service. It is also impossible to access the Dark web without a TOR browser, they buy weapons and other illegal software online from the Dark Web and use a VPN to hide their real IP Address to avoid possible surveillance and tracking.

Avoid Buying Second Hand Devices

In S03 E01 Rio got arrested after using Walkie-Talkie which he purchased from a black market. He thought it was unregistered but actually, it was registered. This was the biggest mistake Rio made. So now what can we can learn from Rio’s mistake? With his mistake, we can learn that we should always avoid buying second-hand communication devices like computers, laptops & smartphones. But why? It’s because the second-hand device may have been used for various illegal activities like threatening someone, asking for ransom, doing cybercrimes, or maybe the device is stolen. Once the buyer starts operating the device It’s IP address will be traced and soon police will come to arrest.

Using NOKIA 3010

In S03 E04 It’s my favorite scene where we see El Professor decides to use second-generation phones like NOKIA 3010. Which does not have internet and GPS so that their calls don’t get tracked. Totally he used 3 phones to execute this plan. The 1st phone will be used to receive Professor’s calls 2nd Phone will be used to make only one call, & 3rd phone which Professor will talk through, professor keep one phone on another so that it can transfer voice. We have seen a man put’s the 2 phones into a box and keep constantly moving. It is because second-generation phones’ exact location can not be tracked but still telecommunicators can know the area from where the phone is being called or received with the help of network towers.

So if a person using 2nd generation phone and keeps constantly moving from one tower to another it is next to impossible to track him.


These were the best Technologies Used In Money Heist which I explained in Detail. I hope you have learned something from this post. There were many other technologies used in this show but because of insufficient time. I have not researched them. You can tell me about them in the comments.

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