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Top 10 interview questions asked by software companies. software companies’ interview questions are the most searchable term on google. In a year around 85 percent of students of IT try for interviews over the world. For that, they search software companies’ interview questions and they find many websites that posted on these types of topics but it is too difficult to understand the language of those articles. Here I came up with the top interview question that most of the time asked by an interviewer.

Why Did You Choose a Career in Software Development?

I choose software development because I loved writing code and like to help customers by creating new things. I want a job in this career because it really fulfills my life with happiness by creating writing new codes and making new software.

what are events?

Events are things that happen to HTML elements.
the web page has finished loading
input field was changed
button was clicked.

What is the purpose of void(0);?

It is used to prevent the page from refreshing.


What is the use of setInterval?

This method is used to call a function or evaluate an expression at specified intervals.


What does JSON stand for?

JSON(Javascript Object Notation)


What are all types of pop-up boxes?

  • Alert
  • Confirm
  • Prompt

What is the difference between javascript and Jscript?

javascript and JScript, different names but same language.
javascript is developed by Netscape.
Jscript is owned by Microsoft.


What do you mean by variable typing?

Variable typing assigns a number to a variable and then assigns a string to the same variable.
For example :
x = 10;
x = “programmer”;


How you can generate random integers?

You can use Math.random() with Math.floor() to return random integers.
For example :-

Math.random() return a floating point, pseudo-random number between 0(inclusive) and 1(exclusive).

Explain async in javascript?

Async: Async is a keyword that is placed before a function to denote that the function is asynchronous and can be used as a promise.
For example:

async function f() {
let promisr = new promise(( resolve)
=> { SetTimeOut(() =>
resolve ( ‘ Promise resolved! ‘ ),1000)

Explain await in javascript?

await keyword tells javascript to wait for the async operation to complete before proceeding to the next task in the
function. The await keyword can only be used in an async function.
For example:
let result = await
promise; || wait for 1 second until the promise resolves console.log(result);||
will print ‘promise resolved!’


What is the role of ceil() method?

It returns the smallest integer that is greater than or equal to the given number.


What is a callback function?

A callback function is a function that is gonna get called at a later point in time.
For example:
When you call someone and if they do not answer you leave a message and you expect them to the callback.
Event or data: The act of calling someone or leaving a message.
Callback: The action that you expect to occur later.

What is the in the operator?

In Operator check, if a property exists in an object. It will return true false values.
It also checks the objects prototype chain.

What difference between object.seal and object.freeze methods?

When we use object.seal method we can change those existing properties but we cannot add new properties to the object.
In object.freeze method we can not change or edit the values of those properties, object properties are immutable.

What is memoization?

Memoization is a process of building a function that is capable of remembering it is previously computed results or values.

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Explain NEGATIVE-INFINITY in javascript?

NEGATIVE-INFINITY is a static property in javascript that results when a negative number is divided by 0.

In how many ways can you create an array in javascript?

There are three different ways :

  • By creating an instance of an array.
    for example:
    var arr = newarray();
  • By creating an array constructor.
    var arr = newarray (‘ value1 , value2 ‘);
  • By using an array literal
    var arr = [value1,value2];

What are screen objects? State Their Various properties?

To read the information from the client’s screen. screen objects are used.


  • Width:- Gives out the total width of the client screen.
  • Height:- Total height of the client screen.
  • ColorDepth:- Gives out the bit depth of images supported by the client screen.
  • Availwidth:- Gives out the width of the client screen(Excludes taskbar)
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