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Hey, WhatsApp lovers I have great news for you. Recently WhatsApp said about a new feature that is Voice status. With the help of the Voice Status Feature On WhatsApp, you can update your voice on your status as a story. Till today you only can able to send voice messages but after this feature, you can send voice messages on your status.

This feature will come soon on the instant messaging service WhatsApp. Through this new feature, users will now be able to share voice notes on their status as well. So far users are able to share videos, photos, and text, but soon there will be a chance to share voice notes. According to the new update, in the coming time, users will be able to record their voice note and share it in their status.

This feature will be like sending a voice note to someone while you are doing it. Currently, the trend of sending voice notes on WhatsApp is increasing, so users are expected to like the feature of sharing voice notes on status. It can be shared in the same way as users share the video. This feature is being developed and can be tested soon.

How to Create a Voice Status in these steps

Follow these easy steps…

  • In the Status, section click on the plus icon then select an option – camera, text, voice.
  • When you select the voice option the new voice status screen will open up.
  • Tap on Record to start your voice recording.
  • To stop the recording simply click on the stop recording icon.
  • Write a caption if you want or if it’s necessary.
  • Now, simply click on the send button to update your WhatsApp status.

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