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We are going to talk about different types of printers. The printer allows the ability to print copies of documents or photos onto paper from a computer. The first printing machine was invented by johannes Gutenberg in 1440.

What is the printer?

A printer is an electronic mechanical device that converts text and graphical documents from an electronic form to a physical form. The quality of printers is undefined by features like color quality, speed of printing, resolution, etc.

In other words, the printer is a hardware output device that prints electronic data on a paper from a computer or other storage device.

Printing Technology

There are a variety of technologies that are used in computer printers. Nowadays, printers come with multipurpose functions which include a scanner, photocopier, fax, etc. This helps to serve different needs based on the form of the different types of technologies.

Types of printers

Now there are several different types of printers.

Based on the technology used, printers are broadly Categorized as:-


(I) Impact printer

(a) Character printer
(i) Dot Matrix
(b) Line printer

(II) Non-impact printer

(a) Character printer
(i) Ink-jet printer

(b) Page printer
(i) Laser printer

Impact Printer :

Where there is physical contact between the print head, ribbon, or cartridge, and paper ( media).

Dot Matrix printer

Dot Matrix printer is an example of an impact printer that prints text on paper by using ting dots to form the desired character. It uses an array of metal pins known as a print heads to strike an inked printer ribbon and produce dots on paper. And dot matrix printer prints with a speed of 100 to 600 characters per second (cps). The number of pins used in print heads varies from 9 to 24. It can print only in black and white.

Line Printer

It is a type of impact printer. Where an enormous amount of material is to be printed, users need line printers. They can print the range of 1,200 to 6,000 lines per minute(Ipm). Drum, Chain, and band printers are line-at-a-time printers.

Non-impact printer :

Where there is no physical contact between the print head, cartridge, and paper( media).

Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers work similarly to dot-matrix printers. Here the dots are informed from tiny droplets of ink. This printers from characters on paper by spraying ink from tiny nozzles through an electrical field that arranges the charged particles into characters at the rate of approximately 250 characters per second (cps). Inkjet printers can print in colors too. Ink cartridge per page costs is much higher.

Laser Printer

It is a type of non-impact printer. This printer works like a photocopy machine. Using the pattern of small dots, a laser beam transfers information from the computer to a positively charged drum. The toner ( ink powder) detaches from all those areas of the drum that becomes neutralized. As the paper rolls by the drum, the toner (ink powder) is transferred to the paper, printing the letters or other graphics on the paper. A hot roller bonds the toner to the paper. It prints the whole page at a time. Laser printers are much higher than an inkjet printers. On other hand, the running cost ( toner cost per page ) is much lower.

Advantages of Printer

Printers have automated pen inside the machine by that they draw lines and print electronic data on the paper.
Printers can work in every situation like in dusty, high temperatures etc.
Throught a limited area network we can easily share printer with different users to print something. we can securly deliver our data on the paper without missing any bit of data. we can easily read our data with the help of printer after print the data on paper.

We do not need any electricity to read the data anytime, only take that papers and read the data anywhere.

Disadvantage of Printer

The maintenance cost of printers is too high.
Process to print one or more papers is too slow, we can not print all papers in bulk. printer prints the papers one by one.
Some printers are too noisy for example impact printers.
Some printer have lack of speed.

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How to find a printer’s IP address?

If you want to know IP address of your printer in windows then i will tell you how to check your printr’s IP address. But first of all you have to know about IP address.

What is IP address?

Here IP stands for Internet Protocol. An internet protocol address is a unique address of any hardware. IP is used to Identify that hardware on a local network or on a network. It is a long string of number that look like this 198.2.1, Ip addresss is asigned to every device that is connected to any network. internet protocol is also used to data sharing from one computer to another computer through network.

How to find printer IP address through windows?

For getting ip address of printer with the help of windows 10, first of all you have to open control panel.

Now you can see Devices and sound option click on it.

Then select the printer option inside the devices and sound panel.

After selection click on properties button and here you can see the IP address and other information about your printer.

How to find printer IP address with cmd?

This is the term how to find printer ip address with cmd is most searchable thing on the google because many people wants to get knowledge about cmd commands. To get ip address with cmd follow these steps

First of all you have to open command prompt by pressing windows + r button and type cmd on that blank space and click on enter.

After cmd will open type the following command in cmd and hit enter.

Command : netstat -r

Now hit on enter button.

Here you can see the list of connected network devices, you can find printer in that list and see the IP address of your printer.

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