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“Technology” is a word that is heard by almost everyone in the world. Nowadays Technology is used in every sector. But if you are thinking What is technology? and you are finding the right and simple answer for that then you are in right place. If you want to choose it as a career then do it fast because it grows day by day. All things that are near to us are a part of it such as smartphones, TV, laptop, etc. So let’s talk about what is technology?

What is Technology?

Simply mean by that the Term technology is a system of practical knowledge and a group of multiple applications and programs. Also it is defined as a group of informative tools. It is all around us. It impact our life about how we live and work.

To use of science in solving problems is called the technology. It save our lots of time, now days we can not live without it because It is a part of our daily routine.

History of Technology

The Word “Technology” comes from greek word techne that means art and culture. The history of technology starts with the beggining of life on the earth. The First tool of technology was invented around 3.3 million years ago and it was used by Australopithecus. Some Technologies are following about who their inventions and much more:

Invention of Fire

Before 1 Million years ago when humanity used fire for first time. Even there was evidence of burnt material found in caves that are around 1 to 1.5 million years old. Homo Erecuts was discover and used fire for first time in the world.

Invention of Compass

In 1044 a Chinese book describe about the compass. It describe how the Army found the way when the sky is fully cloudy. It also describe about to how a compass looks, it says compass node looks like a fish. So, the china first civilize the magnetic compass.


Invention of Printer

In year 1440 AD the Johannes Gutenberg was invented the movable typing printer in Germeny. Johannes Gutenberg was complete the printing of bible as a first printed book with movable printer. After that “Charles Babbage” was invented the machanical printer in 1800.

And after all the slow printing technologies “Remington-Rand” invented the first high speed printer in 1953.

A Japanese company Epson created the first electric printer in 1968 that was EP-101 named.

These was some starups of a few technologies after that the modern technology was born. And at this time modern Tech is the king of world.

What is computer technology?

Here the word computer technology mean by to make computer hardware and softwares to helping peoples. For example This is used in studies and work by Microsoft Excel , Microsoft Word, E-mail, and many more.

What is information?

The word information mean by a structured data with that you can learn and get knowledge. Information is in the form of images, data, numbers, videos, and files etc. We were introduced to information first time in 14 century. We need information in our whole life to get educate and do work.

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