what is the internet

what is the internet?

The internet is a network of networks that connects computers all over the world. The internet has its roots in the US military. Which funded a network in 1969, called the ARPANET, to connect the computers at some of the colleges and universities. In these Colleges military research took place. As more and more computers connected, the ARPANET was replaced by the NSFNET. Which was run by the National Science Foundation.

By the late 1980s, the internet had shed its military and research heritage and was available for use by the general public. Internet service providers(ISPs) began offering dial-up Internet accounts for a monthly fee, giving users access to e-mail, discussion groups, and file transfer. In 1989, the World Wide Web was born, and in the early 1990s, the combination of e-mail and web. Each computer on the Internet is called a host computer or host. The computers are on the internet and there are now millions of Internet hosts which are connected by cables, phone lines, and Satellite connections.

What is ARPANET?

ARPANET is also known as Advance Research Projects Agency Network.  It was founded in 1969 as the first network. As I mentioned above it was used for military research. It was used to share information between a great distance without making any phone calls.

What is IP( Internet Protocol )?

Internet Protocol is short known as IP. It is found as the unique address of a device that connects to a local network or to the server. Computers connected to the internet communicate by using the Internet Protocol. All these computers slice information into packets that are chunks of data to be transmitted separately and route them to their destination.

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 What is the World Wide Web?

The World Wide Web is web that is a collection of websites or web pages. All websites are stored on a server and accessed through the internet. The World Wide Web is a collection of millions of files stored on thousands of computers ( called web servers ) all over the world. These files represent text documents, pictures, video, sounds, programs, and just above any other kind of information that has even been recorded in computer files. The web is probably the largest and most diverse collection of information ever assembled.

World Wide Web system of pages of electronic information linked together across the internet. The web allows us to communicate in rich way, by displaying text, photos, and even videos.

World Wide Web consists of a large number of websites that contains a number of web pages maintained by the various web servers around the world. Web sites are collections of web pages.

A web page is an HTML document.

Uses of the Internet?

The net provides a mechanism for millions of computers to communicate. Many services are available over the internet, and the following are the most popular ones:

  • E-Mail: Enables people to send private messages, as well as files, to one or more other people.

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  • Mailing Lists: Enables groups of people to conduct group conversations by e-mail, and provides a way of distributing newsletters by e-mail.
  • Usenet newsgroups: Enable ongoing group discussions to occur, using a system of news servers to store messages to any of over 10,000 new groups that are identified by topic.
  • Online chat: Provides a way for real-time online chatting to occur, whereby participants read each other’s messages within seconds of when they are sent.
  • Voice and Video Conferencing: Enable two or more people to hear and see each other, share a whiteboard, and share other applications.
  • The World Wide Web: A distributed system of interlinked pages that include text, pictures, sound, and other information.
  • File transfer: People may download files from public file servers, including a wide variety of programs.
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