Windows 11 Hidden Features – Keyboard new shortcut keys

Hey, If you are a windows user! You have arrived at your destination 😄 that name is Windows 11 Hidden Features – Keyboard new shortcut keys. There are Some windows 11 features to increase your productivity. I promise that these 5 minutes of your life will save you a lot of time in the future. And you can even become a pro-Windows user. I will show you some Windows 11 Hidden Features and some Keyboard new shortcut keys that will really help you.

Second Start Menu

Do you know there is a second start menu in windows 11? There is a Windows key + X shortcut for it. Just press this shortcut key where you get a simple menu & you will come across all important windows functions (Command Prompt, Control Panel, Task Manager, Setting, etc). And you can just click and go wherever you want. It is a very useful feature. But many people do not know this.

Let us move to the next one.

Storage Cleanup

You know which app has consumed some storage in your phone. And just like that, Windows 11 also shows you how much space temporary files have taken. You can manage the storage of every Software. When I checked, there was a 3GB error dump which is of no use.

You can even delete it while your eyes are closed if you want to clear some storage. Just Go to Settings>Storage & you will get graphic representations. If you are tens about deleting those files do not worry about that point. Windows also give recommendations that you can delete certain files. For example, you won’t able to delete files from “Downloads” as they could be personal.

Advanced Touch Gestures

There are new gestures on windows 11 like 3 Fingers, 4 fingers, etc. So if you touch the touchpad using three fingers, then you get the search bar and if you touch Four fingers at the same time, then the notification center opens up. You can either touch or swipe. But remember to turn on this feature from settings, go to Bluetooth & devices>Touch and activate the three & four-finger touch options. It is important to turn on these gesture options from the setting before using them.

Focus Mode

Digital wellbeing is becoming very popular and it came on OnePlus phones as Focus Mode. This feature is available inside the clock app. Open Clock>Foucs Sessions and you can go & set DND from 15-240 mins. You can also add your Spotify playlist. But you won’t get any other notifications and you would be able to focus. And hence the name.

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Spatial Sound

It is here but you need to activate it as it is off by default. Just go to Settings>Sound Output>Speakers and activate the Spatial Sound feature. You’ll have to activate “Windows Sonic for Headphones” to get spatial audio.

The next feature is going to come as Microsoft has already announced it.

Android Apps

Windows is getting a WSA support that stands for Windows Subsystem for Android. And with this, you can use Android apps on a Windows laptop. It will come in a few months but it is already released in the US. It’ll come to India soon.

God Mode

If you want God-level productivity and time saving then yes there is a God Mode. It is definitely a Lil complex. You have to create a folder & rename it with a long string. The folder’s name should be GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.

Yes, it is that complex. But once you create it, you will see every setting in a single folder🤯. There are around 211 total settings in a single folder. Whether it is audio, mouse, disk optimization, settings, etc. If you want that string just copy it from here



As you know shortcuts increase your productivity.

Pressing Windows+W opens the widget panel.

Windows+C helps you open Microsoft Teams.

Windows+Z can be pressed for a snapshot layout.

Windows+N helps open the notifications panel.

If you hit Windows+A, then you get quick settings for WiFi and brightness.


What is Cmd?

CMD also known as Command Prompt(cmd.exe). It is a windows based application works as a command line interpeter to execute the lines of code. It is also used to solve some windows issues and errors.

What is Task Manager?

In windows task manager is able to show your all services, programs, softwares that are currently running in your windows. With the help of this you can manage running tasks. Just press ctrl+shift+ESC to open the task manager. Some times task manager becomes slow just because of some corrupted files that are in your laptop. If your computer running slower, You can destroy some unused and high resources used process from your Task Manager.

What are Temporary Files?

Temporary files in windows are also known as temp files or tmp files. Those files are created when you run a task that is unsaved or uncompleted. When you save your file the data of temp files will transfer to saved files as permanent data. If you delete temp files it would not create any problem to you.

How to delete temporary (temp) files in windows?

If you want to delete temp files from windows computer or laptop just press Windows+R.

A pop-up window will be open.

Now type %temp%  in the Blank box & browse for it.

You can see all the temporary files store in your computer from here you can easily delete those files.

What is Control Panel?

Control Panel is program of Microsoft Windows that provides you all the system settings relates to your hardware and software. From here you can change or modify your system setting.


Now, these were Eight to Ten hidden features & comment on how many of them you knew.

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